We providie professional energy solutions with our know-how
In collaboration with domestic EPC companies, we have the capability and experience to support basic design, detailed design, purchase, operation, and maintenance of electrical and instrumentation systems, and provide technology that can help customers achieve sustainable growth.
Main Business Areas
Cogeneration and environmental facilities
CO2 capture
Atmospheric gas purification facility
Substation equipment

Instrumental design

  • Create instrument list and data sheet
  • Create HOOK-UP drawings
  • Create Instrument LOCATION Drawing
  • Create Cable schedule & connection drawing
  • Create Control LOGIC & LOOP drawings
  • Create DCS I/O list
  • Create DCS CONFIGURATION drawings
  • DCS facility purchase and instrumentation instrument purchase tasks
  • Commissioning work
  • Conduct material purchasing operations

Electrical design

  • Create LOAD LIST
  • Create lighting design single-line diagram and LAYOUT
  • Create cable tray and conduit drawings
  • Create electrical room ROOM LAYOUT
  • Create grounding and lightning facility LAYOUT
  • Create cable schedule & connection drawing
  • Conduct material purchasing operations

Main performances

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PoinEX Inc.
CEO Lim Geun-il
Business registration number 101-86-82288
Address Misa Centum Biz F623-F624, 45 Jojeong-daero, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do
Phone 031-5175-3690 (Weekdays 09:00 ~ 18:00)
FAX 031-5175-3680

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